Discover the 4H™ R&D Cloud known as Framework – White Space.

“Scout Innovation more effectively, expand your global reach, and build stronger R&D relationships. Drive best-in-class R&D performance with 4H™ R&D Cloud, “Framework White Space”


Our Process for investigating the future is Framework Whitespace, We use this process to explore the future of new lifescience innovation(s). Framework Whitespace is a systematic method to define the future of disruption and innovation for lifescience companies.


We start with a domain map of existing treatment(s) for a specific disease with a visual outlines of the topic, explore its recent history and generate a current assessment. At the same time we begin scanning for “signals of change” or game changers, we then map adverse events and prioritize failures and root cause known as FMEA analytics, we then challenge the baseline by scanning alternative future possibilities. The implications for each scenario are identified, they provide the bases for new opportunities. Finally, we then monitor each scenario for disruption updates, emerging methods and R&D licensing collaborations.


Bring together data mapping, predictive analytics, influence maps, root cause analysis, with epidemiology and a cloud based data repository, hence the framework is built for the flexibility and speed you need—and the experience your R&D department(s) demand. Only 4H™ provides a complete, best practices-based R&D solution built from the ground up for global life sciences R&D companies.


The result is a proven approach that drives continuous R&D innovation to keeps you ahead of the competition for new innovation, R&D Licensing and favorable new sources of revenue. All of this comes without the high cost and complexity of the many disconnected systems typically needed to manage your R&D scouting pipeline.

The 4H™ Framework White Space mapping solution – provides a clear and direct path to sometimes hidden R&D licensing networks, new innovations and disruption.
We have the industry-leading tool for mapping innovation, R&D licensing down to individual relationships. White Space Framework (WSF) has significant therapeutic area coverage and global reach with unique local, regional and global detail

Figure 1 Framework White Space
Description: Outlined below is framework white space.