Product success hinges on more than regulatory approval. Payers require evidence and arguments to be convinced of the incremental clinical improvement and economic value of new treatments. This is particularly challenging in environments where many therapeutic options and emerging comparators exist. By working closely with payers to understand the drivers of value and their expectations of price, our team of experts develops robust market access strategies and pricing recommendations.

A best-in-class global payer network and deep understanding of healthcare systems and payers, along with the commercial insights to steer strategy, allow us to support clients across the product life cycle. We conduct early due diligence for potential asset acquisitions, through to addressing price and reimbursement challenges for compounds later in the commercial cycle. We also test, refine and validate value messages with relevant stakeholders to ensure the product value story is built and communicated in the most effective way.

Through two decades of pricing, reimbursement and market access consulting, we have:

  • Built a network of 2,000+ payer experts and advisors worldwide
  • Acquired pricing, reimbursement and market access expertise in 45+ countries
  • Conducted ~35,000 payer interviews entirely in-house
  • Amassed knowledge and experience across all major therapeutic areas


International Payer Advisory Boards

Explore key market access hypotheses with payers and advisors from around the world regarding product profile and evidence requirements.

Landscape Review and Market Assessment

Gather detailed information on the payer environment to inform market access planning.

Comprehensive Global Pricing and Market Access Strategy

Develop strategic recommendations for optimal global price and data generation activities; develop likely payer recommendations including restrictions.

Rapid Assessment of Payers’ Perspectives on In-licensed Drugs (RAPPID®)

Support business development investment decisions with global pricing input for due diligence.

Pricing and Market Access Workshops

Provide technical training and testing challenges, including contracting, tendering and negotiation and support for local affiliates with the opportunity to test their negotiation strategies live with payers from their market.

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