A dense compendium of evidence is not enough to communicate product value to payers. Summarizing the best available evidence is important, but the dossier should also tell a story — accurately, succinctly and engagingly — about the value of your product. Our dedicated in-house team of specialist market access writers reviews the clinical, economic and humanistic evidence to develop compelling value stories, dossiers, payer communication decks and objection handlers.

Our value messages are often tested and validated with payers in key markets, and we are well-versed in the templates and formats for country-specific dossiers, including those for the U.S. (AMCP/WellPoint), Canada, the U.K. and various other European markets. For a successful journey through client review processes, we apply rigorous quality standards to all content development, with attention to primary referencing and appropriate interpretation of data drawn from the published literature.


Global Value Dossiers and Associated Support

Present payer-relevant evidence to ensure optimal market access; supplemented by slide decks, objection handlers and training activities as needed.

Value Story Development

Articulate a logical flow of arguments, supported by the best available data, developed and refined iteratively through the product life cycle.

Country-Specific Submissions

Support communication of product value via single country pricing and reimbursement or formulary submissions.

Academy of Managed Care Pharmacy (AMCP) Dossiers

Tailor your market access deliverables to the U.S. managed care payer audience.

Payer Landscape and Disease Area Strategy Reviews

Explore detailed baseline information on the payer environment, conducted early in development.

iValue Suite™

Present messages and evidence in a dynamic and user-friendly way via a web-based tool or mobile application for iPad. Click here for more info.

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