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“Market more effectively, expand your global reach, and build stronger payer relationships. Drive best-in-class commercial performance with 4H™ Commercial Cloud.”


Bring together payer network mapping, influence maps, standard operating procedures, and cloud based data repository for the flexibility and speed you need—and the experience your major account representative demand. Only 4H™ provides a complete, best practices-based commercial solution built from the ground up for global life sciences payer networks.

The result is a proven approach that drives continuous business innovation to keep you ahead of the competition for new contracts and favorable coverage determinations. All of this comes without the high cost and complexity of the many disconnected systems typically needed to manage your data, global payer networks, and customer identifiers.

The 4H™ Market Access stakeholder identification and mapping solution (MAI) – provides a clear and direct path to sometimes hidden networks of Market Access stakeholders and the experts they turn to as they make decisions about the value of your product.

We have the industry-leading tool for mapping Market Access networks down to individual relationships. MAI Profiler has significant therapeutic area coverage and global reach with unique local and regional detail — local language and data available only through our relationships with local experts.

Mission Critical Questions.

  • What payer networks have highest unmet need, based on incidence, prevalence of disease, budget impact and patient population
  • How can local, regional and global payers be prioritized by coverage determination
  • Whom are the global payers with favorable pricing models
  • What global payers have developed favorable coverage determinations within the therapeutic category
  • What is the influence map of key market access decision makers, what is their criteria for evidence

Figure 1. Market Access Network Mapping
Outlined Below Market access network mapping defines the relationships for relevant key stakeholders.

Market Access interactive network maps provide an overview of people and organizations such as decision makers, advisors and other relevant key stakeholders as well as the networks between them. Maps can be viewed in different ways such as region and role, as well as filtered by specific criteria, allowing you to focus on what is relevant for your specific needs.
Every individual stakeholder and organization in the network map has a detailed page showing more information about them as well as how they fit within the Market Access landscape. Thus, there is no guessing about who you need to talk to and how to refine and communicate value messages to those who will make decisions about your products