Engaging with the Right Stakeholders

Are you working with the right stakeholders? Whether Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) or Market Access Decision-Makers, we provide the critical data, powerful analytics, expert consulting, and engagement tools to help you build relationships with professionals who are key to the success of your product anywhere in the world.


  • What are your business issues?
  • Who are the key stakeholders associated with the business issue?
  • What key characteristics will you use to select the right people?
  • How are these stakeholders connected?
  • Who do decision-makers turn to as key external experts?
  • How can we define treatment pathway & standard of care earlier in development
  • What is the KOL position on standard of care
  • How can KOL’s advance from stakeholders to brand ambassadors
  • What are the opinions of payers of standard of care and our evidence portfolio
  • How can predictive analytics be utilized to map regional KOLs while maximizing regional influence

Our Approach

Identify, Profile & Engage Relevant KOL’s Globally

Building lasting relationships with the right key opinion leaders requires effective navigation of a complex healthcare landscape. However, challenged with multiple, siloed data sources, medical affairs struggles to get an accurate stakeholder view. Medical science liaisons are stuck spending time conducting basic KOL research rather than engaging KOLs—and risk missing critical decision makers.

The 4th-Hurdle Digital Advisory Board Platform (DAB) provides unparalleled, continuously updated stakeholder profiles with unique data, including local language, accessed online or through a mobile application.

  • Phase 1: Identify, Segment, Prioritize, Recruit (Network Mapping)
  • Phase 2: Study Guide Design (Issues Mapping)
  • Phase 3: Engage & Facilitate Advisory Board (Digital Engagement)
  • Phase 4: Report Out (Actionable Initiatives)
  • Phase 5: Convert Participants From Stakeholders to Brand Ambassadors


  • Improve resource alignment: In-depth profiles help better identify and prioritize important stakeholders.
  • Drive operational efficiency: Save thousands of hours for MSLs and medical affairs.
  • Reduce spend: Reduce cost and complexity by eliminating the need for different vendors and integrations.
  • Convert Participants from Stakeholders to Brand Ambassadors

4th-Hurdle KOL Data can provide a single, global source of key stakeholder information for better KOL identification and engagement. By delivering deep, continuously updated information on KOLs, the solution minimizes the need for disparate vendors. Robust profiles—including sentiments, affiliations, and clinical interests—maximize coverage. Designed for seamless integration into your CRM data base

KOL Dash Board

Connect the Dots


Know KOL Sentiment


Segment on Multiple Dimensions



Stakeholder Identification

Identify all relevant KOLs and experts around the globe based on tailored segmentation criteria. Search through millions of activities and segment by affiliations, expertise, relationships and sentiment toward companies, brands and therapies.

Stakeholder Profiling

Gain a complete understanding of each stakeholder based on key criteria such as focus area, role, speaking interests, attitudes, the potential for engagement, and more.

Sentiment Analysis

Understand how stakeholder and experts think about therapy-related topics, companies, brands, and other custom-defined topics.

Network Visualization

Gain a new perspective on your stakeholder ecosystem with interactive network visualization. Uncover hidden KOLs, drill into institutions, and track how new ideas move through the stakeholder community.

Getting the best outcomes from an advisory board requires thorough planning and preparation, from concept development through to delivery, as well as the right moderator and advisors.


We aim to provide clients with meaningful and implementable insights and recommendations that address the challenges they bring to us.

  • We work with our clients from the earliest stages, to understand their objectives and develop the agenda accordingly.
  • We recruit the right people to address those challenges – clinical advisors, payers, payer advisors, and technical experts.
  • Our moderators are involved throughout the planning and development of the advisory board agenda, ensuring that they are deeply familiar with the context.


Strong moderation is key to good outcomes.

  • Our advisory boards are moderated by Directors or Partners, all of whom are experts in market access in addition to having individual
  • expertise in real-world evidence, pricing and reimbursement strategy, HEOR, and clinical medicine.
  • The moderator is closely involved from concept development, to ensure they have in-depth understanding of the client’s situation and objectives and can facilitate a lively and informative discussion that achieves optimum outcomes for our clients.
  • Our moderators have worked regularly with many of our regular key advisors, enhancing the collaborative outputs of these sessions.


Our deliverables are more than just a report of the advisory board discussion: we provide a synthesized summary of the discussion, divided into key themes, address the objectives, and provide strategic insights and recommendations for next steps.